Another Face of Abu Dhabi – Sir Bani Yas Island: A Travel TV Story

All those who travel to the UAE, mainly Abu Dhabi and Dubai, are very well accustomed to the urban cosmopolitan style this beautiful and ultra modern country offers. However, this is not all that the UAE offers, in fact, the other face of Abu Dhabi is gorgeouss, and the country has such beautiful natural spaces... Continue Reading →

Seven More Tips to Survive in a Girls’ World -2-

A while ago, I wrote an article about the seven tips you’ll need to survive girls’ world. I added -1- to the end of that article because I knew seven tips aren’t enough to survive this jungle; and I also knew I was going to come back much later with more ammunition for those planning to... Continue Reading →

Paris Like a Local

I’ve been to Paris before, more than once… And I’ve already developed all the good habits of a typical Arab tourist in Paris. Except that… cities become really interesting when you get to see them like locals do; and when you get to discover little gems here and there; gems that are usually hidden to... Continue Reading →

Obsessed with Historical Documentaries

Here’s one off-topic! One to talk a little about one of the most important intellectual interests I & some people have: “Historical documentaries”. Besides reading books, a lot of books, I am a sad case of wasting hours over historical documentaries. In fact there are nights where I start watching documentaries (mostly 1 hour documentaries) at 11:00... Continue Reading →

لماذا تحب سيدات المجتمع والمؤثرات في لبنان ناتورال كولاجين إنفينسيا

إعطاء رأيي بأحد مستحضرات التجميل ليس مسألة تجربة واحدة. في الواقع، من المهم جداً تجربة المنتج لأكثر من شهر لأتمكن من تحديد نتائجه البعيدة المدى أو حتى الأضرار التي يمكن أن تنتج عنه كما تعلمون إلى الآن من مدونتي ووسائل التواصل الإجتماعي، “ناتورال كولاجين إنفينسيا” هو مستحضري المفضل حالياً لمقاومة علامات التقدم في السن الأولى.... Continue Reading →

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