Super Cheap Beauty Hacks I Swear By

This year, I've learned a lot about beauty and makeup! And some of the things I always enjoy learning are cheap beauty hacks that save you money, and save your beauty! So in this article, I am sharing with you 3 super cheap beauty hacks that I learned and used a lot for the past... Continue Reading →

Lebanon Revolution 2019: 9 Lessons Lebanese People Teach You On The Streets

It's October 2019, and this is not the first time I find myself on the streets in my life. Back in March 2005, we Lebanese united again to expel the Syrian army from our country, their puppet government also resigned back then and we were able to put the people we thought we wanted in... Continue Reading →

5 Beauty Myths I Got to Bust Myself

There's a lot of beauty content everywhere online, and it's becoming harder to discern the scientific from the non-scientific by the day! Trends and fads on social media tend to take over the beauty world overnight, and people follow blindly without a reality check or a scientific background. The truth is, a lot is being... Continue Reading →

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