12 Reasons You Need To Be Glamorous

Beirut… You know it, I know it… This city is just one huge catwalk! From the airport to Beirut Souks and everything in between, you just can’t get away with a bad hair day or a lazy glam mood; fashion in Beirut is the thing!! But would you want it otherwise anyway? Below the picture,... Continue Reading →

How to Beat your Coffee Addiction

So if you've been following me on Twitter, then you probably know I am a huge coffee addict; yes, COFFEE ADDICT. I just cannot function without coffee and naturally crave it! I always end up drinking 4-5 mugs of black American coffee during the day, and struggling to sleep at night. The official dilemma of... Continue Reading →

Days in the Sun…

We all need those days in the sun, so never skip your healthy dose of time off by the beach; I mean it, never skip spending days in the sun. In fact, life has gotten way too stressful lately; just too much work, too much meetings, too much to attend or to attend to, and... Continue Reading →

Colorful Life

One reason why I love the fashion world, is that it is highly colorful. As a fashion blogger and fashion editor, I find the most interesting aspect of my job is how colorful and varied it is; it comes in the colors of an energetic fashion world. We deal with the fashion world and beauty... Continue Reading →

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