Up Close And Personal – My Biggest Style Pet Peeves Ever

Since I already posted the style mistakes that make anyone over 30 look poor or cheap (you can read it here); I also decided to share with you my personal 20 pet peeves when it comes to style and fashion. And that's because I know I share these pet peeves with a lot of people... Continue Reading →

10 Style Mistakes That Make You Look Cheap or Poor If You’re Over 30

It is no secret that age is the best excuse for almost everything wrong, especially style. When you're young, you can get away with dressing like a homeless person most of the time, and you can also get away with wearing any volatile or weird trend. This changes after 30, because at this pivotal age,... Continue Reading →

Self Discovery Through Styling

Do you know that styling yourself everyday can be one path on your own self discovery? I never thought of it before, but your spontaneous choices when digging your wardrobe or when shopping can say a lot about you. And you can use this information to your advantage all while discovering a little bit more... Continue Reading →

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