Life After Coronavirus And A Break From Writing

Returning to life after this extended quarantine under coronavirus is going to be very different for people. Some people will go back to life as it was, and some others, those who mainly did all the thinking, probably won't. These people will come back with a different appreciation for life, with a willingness to take... Continue Reading →

12 Life Changing Questions To Reflect On During Quarantine

We're quarantined as COVID-19 is bringing people and governments to their knees. It's tragic, sad and heartbreaking to see the world living such a state of panic that's potentially more dangerous than the disease itself. It is like every generation has its own trial: world wars, cold wars, genocides, recessions, famines and now this pandemic.... Continue Reading →

A November to Remember In Istanbul

Istanbul is a beautiful city that I've explored several times before, during several seasons. I've seen it underĀ  the burning summer sun, and covered by snow on new year's eve. But this year, 2019, I got to explore it in November for the first time. My boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Istanbul for... Continue Reading →

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