7 Inexpensive Beauty Products That Work Perfectly for Me

I have a thingy for luxurious skincare products! Well who doesn't ... But let's face it, we all have those inexpensive beauty products that will always be on our  counters, that we can't do without and that no matter how much we buy expensive skincare, will forever be part of our daily routines because we... Continue Reading →

Catching Up – The Style File 2018

Well ...  I know I've been away from blogging for a while, as mentioned in my new introduction to this blog (you can read it HERE)!! My style file on the blog had been empty because I've haven't blogged anything related to my style for months! Not to try to hide the sun, I've also... Continue Reading →

Middle East Influencers and Priorities

Middle East Influencers and Priorities We are living in an age where anyone with above 10 000 followers on any social media call themselves influencer. Well, good, because the definition of influencer is one topic I am leaving to another article. What I want to tackle here, is what “influencers” are trying to influence people into. In the Middle East, we... Continue Reading →

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