7 Traits of Horrible Bosses

-This post on Horrible Bosses was first written in 2017, but is still relevant today- I am not sure how many of you actually watched the movie “Horrible Bosses”, but in real life, these people do actually exist. They might be able to make it in any industry for a while, but they rarely last.... Continue Reading →

How To Cope With & Make The Best Out Of Down Times

Every one of us experienced at some point, a time where life seemed slow, bad news outnumbered good news, and the outlook appeared grim. And just like everyone, I've been in and out of these phases and called them a "down". Yet, life proved me once and again, that "this too shall pass", that you... Continue Reading →

9 Life Lessons I Learned in 2019

We live, we learn! This is how it goes for all of us planning to evolve and never repeat the same mistake twice. This year though, was a seriously grilling life experience for me on the social / personal level, so after having shared "7 Business Lessons I Learned in 2018 - 2019", here are... Continue Reading →

5 Habits That Slow Down Your Weight Loss

  أحياناً، تكونين على المسار الصحيح في حميتك والتزامك بجلسات الرياضة بشكلٍ كامل؛ لكن بالرغم من ذلك تجدين أن خسارة الوزن عمليةٌ بطيئةٌ ومضنية. في الحقيقة، تعتمد خسارة الوزن على العديد من العوامل التي تتحكمين بها، لا علاقة لها بالرياضة أو بنوعية الطعام. إليك العادات الخمسة التي من شأنها إبطاء عملية خسارة الوزن؛ تجنبيها للنجاح... Continue Reading →

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