10 Tips to Help You Look Preppy

“Preppy” is an adjective characterizing a private clique of American high society that is noticeable for being ultra modern, urban chic and very elegant. In this article, I want to touch on how to become preppy. But before learning how to become preppy, it is worthy to ask: What is preppy? Most often than not, preppy people are the attendees of... Continue Reading →

Style Inspiration for FW16 and The Private Shopper

Fall and Winter 2016 fashion season came pretty late this year. On one hand, the weather didn’t turn rainy until November 30; and on the other hand, I was spending my time in the much hotter Arabian Peninsula.   This year, I am opting for a simple style, as I am beyond busy, and truly... Continue Reading →

Pink Blazer Kind of Moods

I have about three pink blazers, and they all belong to a time where I was in a much cheerful mood and less into darker colors. Lucky enough, they are very cross-season and always there for the days where I need a small positive lift. Do not underestimate the power of  colors. A soft pink... Continue Reading →

Self Discovery Through Styling

Do you know that styling yourself everyday can be one path on your own self discovery? I never thought of it before, but your spontaneous choices when digging your wardrobe or when shopping can say a lot about you. And you can use this information to your advantage all while discovering a little bit more... Continue Reading →

Do You Have Your Own Style Yet?

No. I am serious, that’s my answer: No I don’t. Through my short involvement in the fashion world, I have found out that I can be truly eclectic. I’d go from romantic to rough & masculine; and from classic to totally edgy; and I’d oscillate back and forth between different trends and their various outfit... Continue Reading →

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