How To Look Good When You’re Extremely Busy

This year, I've been super busy; too busy to even give a damn about the glam!!  Yet, being super busy taught me a lot about how to stay somehow glamorous amidst the chaos and the little availability of time for these things I’ve always had hours on end for. This article is all about you,... Continue Reading →

What to Pack for some Yacht Life Frenzy

If you are anything like me, then you are prone to spend much of your summer lounging on a moving yacht! I love yachting, it must be one of my favorite activities!! However, spending time on a yacht means being away from the shore, and from access to everything you need. This is why you... Continue Reading →

Let’s Misbehave

I did it on purpose, I do everything on purpose, faux pas aren’t my thing. So what about you take your victorian prude attitude and try to sell it somewhere where it actually, possibly, might have some value??? My say: So I decided to break the mold for a moment; sue me! I do not... Continue Reading →

How to Repair Color-Damaged Hair?

I recently went blonde (obviously), which means additional hair care problems since recently bleached hair always faces falling and breakage. So in order to protect my new blond hair, I am applying a new hair routine on weekly basis, read it below! -Washing my hair 3 times a week using Tresemme Shampoo and conditioner for... Continue Reading →

Makeup Shopping you Should do FIRST

So here it is, let’s start with the essential makeup items before evolving into avant-guard makeup fashion!! In this post, I will be telling you what essential makeup items are must-haves in your makeup bag, which are as well the ones you better invest the most in. There are a few essential makeup items that... Continue Reading →

Fashion Blogger Gone NAKED

So I am a fashion and beauty blogger, but before that, I’ve been a fashion & glam lover for quite a while. One who almost never goes out without a dose of outfit glam and makeup. A real “real” glam lover. The bling bling can get overdone, and it might -at times- overshadow the real... Continue Reading →

Do You Have Your Own Style Yet?

No. I am serious, that’s my answer: No I don’t. Through my short involvement in the fashion world, I have found out that I can be truly eclectic. I’d go from romantic to rough & masculine; and from classic to totally edgy; and I’d oscillate back and forth between different trends and their various outfit... Continue Reading →

Fashion Style by Zodiac Sign

Fashionistas, I'm sure a lot of you already follow up their horoscope! I found this cute article that define each sign’s fashion style and I thought of sharing it with you. Aries – They love the color red. They also like to wear the latest fashions and don’t mind standing out in a crowd. However, Rams... Continue Reading →

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